Professional Endodontics


Policies & Mission

We provide quality endodontic care in a comfortable and personable environment. Dr. Young prides herself in giving each and every patient the utmost professional care and attention.

Prior to treatment, each patient will receive an endodontic consent form, informing them about the various results and risks involved in endodontic care. It is important that you read the form carefully.

Endodontics is a specialty of dentistry that deals with the cleaning, shaping, disinfecting and filling of root canals. Root canal therapy is about 95% successful. Many factors, such as your general health and both the shape and condition of the root and nerve, can affect the outcome of the procedure.

Following appointments, the teeth may be sensitive and even remain tender for a time after treatment. Please contact Dr. Young if sensitivity persists and does not appear to be getting better, even several weeks after the root canal is finished.






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